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4 Different Cultural Backgrounds
Jiaqi Wang, Jonathan Singh, Yalin Yang, Isabella Missios

Our group's work will be showcased in the Mozilla Hub. The four members of the group,

all with different cultural backgrounds, will discuss shared topics in this virtual space.


Jiaqi’s explorations contain both western and eastern culture, based on her educational

experience. As an international student from China who has studied for five years long in Canada, Jiaqi observes the Western and Eastern culture’s clash and fusion in this land.


Jonathan’s discussions will talk about Canadian and West-Indian culture, specifically Guyana. Being someone who was born in Canada, and has never actually been to Guyana, Jonathan observes from experiencing the culture through family, friends, food, etc. from a Canadian-born perspective.


Isabella focuses on her experiences and cultural identity as someone who was born in Canada to her Italian mother and Greek father. Despite being Canadian-born, she grew up with many pieces of both backgrounds integrated into her life.


Yalin, as an international student from China, will discuss the culture she experienced while

in China and how she explored the cultures of two different countries during her four years

in Canada.

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