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Daniel Rios, Juliian Peeralta, Shahrayar Rafiqui, Ashli Bravo

 Our project focuses on individual identity and as such we have each worked separately on virtual spaces that explore both our cultural identity and individualism. The viewer starts in a hub from which they can pick one of our rooms themselves. They can freely move and explore the environment of each room, zooming into objects if they desire to look at them closer. If they wish to leave, each room contains two more portals which lead to another one of our room’s (selected at random) or back to the hub, allowing the player to select where to visit next. These spaces are interconnected to reflect the intersections between our identities and the connections we build as a group working together. Most of us were already familiar with Unity, thus we have elected to use it rather than Mozilla hubs to create these virtual worlds. We also felt the former gave us more flexibility as a tool than the latter. Not only that but it has some advanced tools that we feel would provide a richer and more immersive user experience. 

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