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Taichi 24-form
Chenxu Cui, Ruiqi Gao, Changyuan Huang, Sheng Bi

Taichi quan is a part of Chinese traditional culture, it embodies Chinese people's unique way of thinking, code of conduct, aesthetic concept, value orientation, outlook on life and universe. Taijiquan is also a kind of culture. It is a human body culture spread for thousands of years in an ancient country. It intuitively shows the traditional Chinese culture by relying on body movement. Since everyone in our team comes from China and regards Chinese culture as our own cultural identity, we decided to teach Tai Chi 24-form to everyone in the lecture. In China, almost every middle school gather students to play Tai chi 24-form as morning exercises. People in China believe that this morning exercise can help teens strengthen their bodies. Therefore, Tai Chi 24 form is a skill that almost every student has grasped. Tai Chi 24 form is also called Simplified Taichi quan. Although it has only 24 movements, compared with the traditional Taichi quan routine, its content is more concise and its movements are more standardized, and it can fully reflect the movement characteristics of Taichi quan.

Each member of our group will teach six movements of Tai Chi in the video

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