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Traditional Meals
Alina Manase, Fahad Edward, Lukas Radlin, Eyad Tawfik

For this project, we wanted to choose a topic that is not only common in the cultures of our

entire group, but also has a significant presence in our lives. Not all of us identify with

cultural aspects like dances or songs, but one part of our culture we do encounter in our

everyday life is our food. Thus, we decided to each record ourselves cooking traditional

meals and describing the recipe as we worked. We also coordinated ourselves to have each

group member cook either breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert. Eyad, who was in charge of

breakfast, made Egyptian Ful (Fava Beans). Lunch is Dolma, an Iraqi meal cooked by

Fahad. The dish for dinner is Romanian style stuffed bell peppers, courtesy of Alina. Dessert

is Canadian maple butter tarts, presented by Lukas. To share our cooking videos with the

rest of the class, we used Mozilla Hubs. We designed the space with four pre-built kitchens

we found on Sketchfab and decorated our respective areas with the flag of our country. We

arranged the rooms in a linear fashion so that viewers can watch the videos in order:

breakfast, lunch, dinner, and finally dessert.


Room code: 907841

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